Simply Well

This is for YOU if you’re ready to transform yourself in a way that is completely your own, sustainable, and energizing? 

Are you experiencing…

  • shutterstock_82377739Feeling like you’re constantly juggling the needs of your family and career, with little time for yourself
  • Being too tired to do anything fun for yourself or with those your love
  • Gaining weight…who knows from where…and no new ideas on how to stop it
  • A feeling of being old, out of shape, and tired
  • Diets that don’t work or only work for a short period of time
  • Gym memberships and yoga packages that never get used

The result?

  • Loss in your confidence, leading to feelings of failure
  • Scared to try a new diet because you always gain the weight back
  • Choosing clothes that cover your body so no one will see…
  • Intimidated to try a new exercise class because you won’t be able to finish

Here’s how I can help:

Jumpstart is available now

6 weeks to cleaning up your diet and keeping it that way – Begins February 27th

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We’re here to give you the support that we all need.  You’ll receive…shutterstock_117973960

  • Insider Health Info
  • Recipes
  • Free Support
  • Exclusive Deals

Contact Me to get connected with the community.  Or, if you’d prefer a more personal approach…

We provide individualized attention, to help you experience the level of  health, energy, and weight-loss that you desire…in a way that fits with your lifestyle.

Personal coaching includes

  • Weekly 30-minute Coaching sessions
  • Develop goals and create your Wellness Plan that leads to your success
  • Holistic viewpoint including focus on food, fitness, stress, and lifestyle
  • Strategies on fitting all of this into your existing life given family and work challenges
  • Email and text communication support between sessions
  • Tailored nutrition plans and recipes for your nutritional success
  • Access to online nutrition and goal tracking tools

Curious? Contact me for a FREE 30 minute strategy session to see if Personal Coaching is right for you.

highres_433544615“We each have our own lives. Each of us is different, has different challenges, preferences, and timeframes. What I enjoy is helping others find their own way to vibrant health.”



Erica Lee, StrategicLee, Inc.
Erica LeeWhat I love about Sylvia and Open Circles is the “curated care”. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us and move us from our aches and pains and into our goals. With Sylvia she really listens to you. And when you say you want to achieve X she asks why. Sylvia helps you articulate what you truly value and maps your goals around them. She also helps you break problems down into manageable pieces whether that is for a business or for personal. I think my challenge was feeling overwhelmed with all that I thought I wanted to do. Sylvia helped me rethink and then move forward in the right direction.

Diana Ruiz, CEO Women’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI)

Mary Budzien, Wealth Manager at USAAMary Budzien
Sylvia was my wellness coach to motivate me to eat better! And did she motivate me! I can’t recommend her enough as a wellness coach. I don’t know how she did it…certainly not by trying to convince me that veggies are good for me. But just miraculously, all of a sudden I wanted to eat better! She’s amazing!