There are lots of ways for us to bring wellness into our lives.  I meet fascinating people, all the time, who are sharing their gifts of wellness in ways that we can personalize and make our own.  I’d like to share some of the people I meet with you.  Following you’ll find some quick interviews that I had with those who are doing some pretty dynamic and exciting things in wellness.

Listed Below:

  • Dr. Lisa Brent, ND, LAc – Expert in Naturopathic Gynecology
  • Vinita Jacinto – the Spice Whisperer

And there’s more to come…….

Dr. Lisa Brent, ND, LAc – Expert in Naturopathic Gynecology

“I love empowering women with the tools they need to experience vibrant health. My practice is for women and about women. ”  Dr. Brent is a naturopath who specializes in creating a customized treatment plan for each individual patient in her practice.

Join me as we discuss:

  • How she helps,
  • Our 30’s and 40’s,
  • Bio-identical hormones and,
  • Her approach to radical self-care.

Vinita Jacinto – the spice whisperer

We all have used spices and sometimes find that we could add a little more spice to our lives.  Vinita Jacinto, The Spice Whisperer, shares how using spices in our food can just be the beginning in creating amazing lives, careers, and relationships.  


  • How she became “the Spice Whisperer”
  • What it’s like to work with her,
  • Making your custom spice,
  • Mother’s Day experience with spices,
  • Connecting through history,
  • Building work teams and marriages with spice,
  • What’s her favorite spice.