Jumpstart ’17

6 Weeks to cleaning up your diet – and keeping it that way


Did you know that sugar does make you old? And it’s the first thing we’re going to focus on.  

Jumpstart is a 6-week virtual group for those ready to stop all the health and food nonsense and find out what works.

–Experience 3 well-known diets

–Shape the best parts of each diet for you

–Discover your own custom plan



You’ll get the RESULTS you’ve wanted and…

o  My workbook designed to identify those best parts that align with your lifestyle and connect with your body.

o  A copy of my favorite resource, The Pantry Principle by Mira Dressy.  We’ll use it as a guide to clean up the food in our kitchen cabinets and our refrigerator.

o  Vital Scoop, my naturally balanced nutrition powder, for meal planning and detox.

o  Access to me as your Guide.  I’ll make this as easy for you as I can…and we will have some fun.

o  Support from the other participants through our private Facebook site.

o  Your Custom Plan, designed specifically for You.

This is how I know this works…

There is 1 thing I know about any diet that I’ve been on and that is that at some point I am no longer on it.  Somehow between work and life, the diet always seems to just disappear.  There were always things that didn’t work for me like writing down everything I ate, or having to spend Sunday cooking a week’s worth of meals, or denying myself Friday drinks with a friend.  Now to be honest, there are some things that I simply did not need to be doing on a regular basis. However, there had to be a way that I could eat in a healthy way that I loved, my body loved, and was sustainable.


As I studied nutrition, I realized that most diets have some good qualities.  Ones that work for my health needs, lifestyle, and palette.   I also now know that when I’m able to extract those good qualities and expand on them, then I’ve created a way of eating that fits me perfectly.  That’s what Jumpstart ’17 is all about.

In addition to discovering your Perfect Food Plan you will….

o Ultimately find out what optimal health looks like in your life and for your body.

o Discover the truth and be smart about what you need to be healthy.

o Gain control over your situation.

o Eliminate having to try on 3 outfits in the morning or being scared to go to doctor.


Cost: $247.00

Here’s how it works


Sign up by February 6th and join my Detox the very next week…

  • Attend 1 of the initial virtual talks where we’ll get oriented about the program and I’ll answer any questions

  • Connect with me and other participants in the private Facebook site – I’ll be available daily

  • View the videos that I’ll send you weekly

  • Complete the workbook

  • Work with me as we clean up our kitchens and refrigerators using the Pantry Principle

  • Optionally, attend my live video calls where I’ll respond to any and all of your questions

  • Attend the final life wrap-up.  We’ll reflect on our new plans, share what we’ve discovered, and have some give aways.

This will be a active program and although it will not require a lot of your time, it will require your focus. If you’re unsure whether or not this is for you, feel free to reach out to me and we can have a quick conversation.  

Sylvia@OpenCircles.net  415.309.7115

The Schedule:

Initial Orientation (choose 1): Saturday, February 25, 3 pm; Monday, February 27, 6pm

Optional Call In for Questions: Sunday, March 12 @ 3 pm

Optional Call In for Questions: Sunday March 26 @ 3 pm

Final Wrap Up Call – Don’t Miss It!:  Saturday, April 8 @ 3 pm

(All calls will be recorded for you to listen to later.)

Week 1:  Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free, Pantry Principle (Begins Sunday February 26th)

Weeks 2 and 3:  Explore Paleo Diet (Begins Sunday March 5th)

Weeks 4 and 5: Explore Plant-Based Eating (Begins Sunday March 19th)

Week 6:  Actually Experience your Custom Plan that you’ve been building for the last 5 weeks.

    Cost: $247.00

Not sure?  Feel free to reach out me if you’d like to discuss.       

Email me at Sylvia@OpenCircles.net

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