Workplace Wellness

Are you a manager who’s experienced or is experiencing:

  • Employees showing little to no interest in a health / wellness program that has been vetted, negotiated, sold internally, and implemented by you and your team.
  • Having spent hundreds of hours developing programs that resulted in minimal return on your investment (ROI) or an ROI that simply is too unbelievable or not credible.  
  • Vendors – lots of them – who all claim to have the “perfect, credible solution” for you and your organization.

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  • You’re unable to demonstrate value in the programs, strategic direction and impact and therefore… the success of the organization.
  • Your credibility is jeopardized as costs continue to increase and results wither.
  • You know there are great solutions however the existing program consumes most of your time leaving little for making strategic changes.

Here’s how we can help.

exercise-1254x1254The capacity of your high performing organization or team is enhanced by employee benefit programs that align with current and future needs of your employees and their families.  A few examples of how I’ve helped organizations to better align their benefits include:

  • Creating wellness activities that engage all employees; NOT just the healthy ones.
  • Designing a Private Health Exchange that is comprehensible, provides flexibility and lowers costs for both employees and the organization.
  • Customizing offerings to meet the needs of your employees’ families so that employees can focus on being their best at work.
  • Negotiating new and existing contracts leading to fiscal, administrative, and customization that is maximized, reducing everyone’s costs and time.
  • Navigating the impacts of legislation, reducing confusion and improving compliance.
  • These are all examples that I’ve seen lead to a healthier, more productive, higher engaged, and happier employees while minimizing costs and fully supporting the vision of the organization.   

Clients I’ve worked with.

Clients that I have worked with include:  Charles Schwab Corporation, Chevron Corporation, Willis Towers Watson, Aetna Healthcare.  In addition, I’ve consulted to many organizations including a:

  • Manufacturer of computing solutions,
  • Construction and engineering firm,
  • Technology company and semiconductor chip maker,
  • Taft-Hartley Union Trust,
  • Not-for-profit health system.



Dr. Mona L. Sabuco, MBA, Prior:  Business Services Manager, Chevron Corporation, Corporate Human Resources

Sylvia and I worked together at Chevron Corporation where she led the development of the health strategy for the Corporation’s 53,000 employees and their covered family members. Throughout this project, she demonstrated her strengths in identifying issues, researching problems and listening carefully to impacted stakeholders, all necessary to determine the best strategic and tactical solution.

As a consultant, she worked with various groups and organizations both within and outside of the company to identify creative outcomes that also balanced the costs with the benefits. As a project manager, she accomplished this while meeting the project deadlines and allowing the project teams to incorporate their expertise to create the best outcome.

Sylvia is a person that will partner to drive for the best results. She truly has a heart and soul to support company success and she does so with the highest integrity. Overall, I would work with Sylvia again on any project and I say this with true sincerity!

Ryan Gendreau, HR Policy Director, Actuary, and Benefits Strategist Ryan Gendreau

I worked with Sylvia on several projects that impacted the employee benefit plans, especially around our active and retiree medical programs.

She was involved in the design of the program, successfully balancing the needs of the employees and retirees with the goals and needs of the company. Ultimately, we delivered a benefits package that was competitive, affordable, and appreciated by the employees.

She has an extensive knowledge of health and wellness products, is a great problem solver, and is able to relate all of this in a way that is easy for others to understand.


Brenda Southwick, Employee Benefits Manager, Matson Inc.

I’ve known Sylvia for several years. Her background has provided her with very broad knowledge of the health and wellness market from the perspective of the health plan and the client. This uniquely complements her ability to interpret the impact that strategies will have on the effectiveness of benefits provided to employees.

She takes complicated and sometimes emotional decisions and breaks them down to topics that everyone can understand, yielding win-win solutions. Sylvia has a very extensive knowledge of the health industry as it pertains to business. I often connected with her to gain perspective and knowledge about issues that impacted the programs I managed.

Matt McCormick, Western Region Market Leader, AON Exchange SolutionsMeM - Jan 2016

Over the last number of years, I have been fortunate to have worked alongside Sylvia, as well as working with her as a client. Her strengths start with a consistently patient and thoughtful approach to her work. This gives her the ability to actively listen and more thoroughly assess situations before acting. Secondly, she is a very “grounded” person, and has an overall positive perspective from which she operates. These traits, combined with an extensive health and wellness background and years of general business experience, allow her to effectively communicate approaches and solutions tailored to her customers.

Julie Tuggle, Associate Director, Genentech, Inc.

I have known Sylvia Doss for over 15 years, and we have worked together on various corporate health and wellness projects at Chevron, Charles Schwab and Aetna. Specifically, I worked with her on projects related to healthcare program design, wellness program design, employee engagement, program measurement, and employee communications.head shot pic

Sylvia’s combined health, wellness, coaching and business background provides her with a unique perspective and approach to the challenges and opportunities within the employer/corporate health arena. She has demonstrated the ability to develop strategies that meet employee needs related to engagement and simplicity, and also meet employer/corporate needs related to outcomes and measurability. Sylvia is a big-picture thinker and creative in her strategies and approach, and also demonstrates attention to detail in her analysis and execution. Sylvia also is an excellent communicator, very comfortable speaking one-on-one with an employee, and presenting to a group of Executives.

Sylvia is truly a strong partner and inspiring individual, and is a valuable addition to any team or project.

Shanna Cancino, Co-Founder, JUNA Enterprises 

Shanna Cancino

I have been working with Open Circles for over a year now and could not be happier with the quality of our partnership.

Sylvia is the essence of Open Circles and definitely makes every effort to make sure that her customer’s best interests are in mind and all needs are met. She makes all of the information easy to understand, which makes it all easier to follow. She is above all patient, helpful, and should I ever have any issues, she is there to help with effective solutions. She provides creative approaches and solutions as well as her time to make sure we are on track to achieve our mutual goals. Our partnership has been inspiring, supporting, and contributing.

It is rewarding to see and experience how we support each other by helping navigate day-to-day tasks and find ways to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency. Overall, working with Open Circles has been a rewarding experience as Sylvia is the best partner to drive the utmost results.

Cathy Drew, Director, HR Operations, Bev Mo!

I worked with Sylvia on many employee benefit projects including vetting new vendor partners, negotiating change within the organization,Cathy Drew and implementing health care reform requirements. When working on projects or analyzing issues, Sylvia takes time to understand the problem and brings creative solutions that take into consideration all who may be impacted. She has a wealth of industry knowledge that bridges various industries and employee populations. Sylvia brings a patient, helpful and positive attitude to all that she does. She has strong communication skills and builds good relationships allowing her to work across business segments and with all levels in an organization. I appreciated Sylvia’s partnership and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.