Emerging Companies

Emerging Company Consulting

What’s keeping your emerging company from being the top health and wellness choice for employers and human resource consultants?

  • You’re passionate about your solution.
  • You’ve designed the perfect offering for employers and you’re ready to
    expand your influence and unique health and wellness offering.
  • You “get” workplace wellness and want employer workforces to have the
    power to make better decisions, bring forth more creative solutions, think quicker and be more engaged with their work and their employers.

Yet, you aren’t getting the interest and sales that you would like
and that’s needed for your growth.

Open Circles’ brings the knowledge of over 15 years of designing, implementing, managing and selling health and wellness programs to and within global companies, to your workplace health and wellness solution.

  • Attain customized strategic advice focused on bolstering your company, your solution and your growth strategy.
  • Adapt your unique solution so that employers can easily understand your offering and buy into the value.
  • Establish a strategy to ultimately engage the employees so they can really get what’s in it for them and be invested in the results. (Isn’t that what employer’s want…engagement?!)
  • Align your offering to meet the needs of employers, including their culture, administrative and implementation needs, and price point.
  • Integrate into the employer ecosystem, speak their language, and understand their needs so that you are known and sought after.

In the end, data shows that a successful health and wellness solution leads to employees that buy into their own health and wellness and that internal motivation creates superior results that reflect on you.

Our Process

Contact us for an initial call and we’ll walk you through the process of how we define the gaps between what you want for your company and what the marketplace needs from you. Together we’ll implement a customized strategy so we can grow your solution across the world of global employers.