Lisa reached out to me to ask me about a diet she had heard about. So we talked about it and then I asked “What’s your goal?” “What are you trying to achieve?”

Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, we each have some deep rooted desire we’re trying to satisfy when we decide to start a new diet or join a new gym. Think about it. What’s going to be so different about your life if you go to spin class once a week, play in your garden every day, stop having pizza night twice a week or stop having a glass of wine every evening?

Several years ago I was at yoga class one night. I was there as a way to inject some stress relief and stretching into my workout. I love spin class and frankly it’s a crazy workout. I really needed a workout like yoga that was calmer for my body and mind. During yoga that evening, my instructor suggested that we try not to drink alcohol on the days that we practice yoga. I knew she was right. Yoga does so much to align me, in a peaceful way, with my mind and body that having a drink afterwards actually pulls me out of that space —even if it’s just a little bit.

To make this story a little more interested, just before I had headed off to yoga that night, my husband had come home with this beautiful bottle of one of my favorite Zinfandels. It was on my mind, that right after yoga, I was going to head home and pour myself a nice glass. But you know what, I decided I’d give it a try and I passed on the wine that night. And ever since that night, I most always pass on the alcohol on days when I practice yoga (no I’m not perfect).

The exciting part is that this new intention has translated into…

  • Overall just not drinking as much, which led to
  • Losing a couple pounds, which led to
  • Sleeping better, which led to
  • Lower blood pressure.

Pretty Amazing! And frankly it wasn’t that much work.

In this new year when every other TV commercial is about a weight loss program or a gym, I invite you to pause, reflect on your health and your regular daily life, and then respond to…

“What would be different about my life if I _______________ ?”

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  1. Hi, Sylvia , having had this battle my whole life and at my age I’m really about getting control of my health. By Bmi is 47.3 Uggg😱 My biggest goal is to get my Bmi to 30 or as close as I can because I would like to stop taking as much medication. I take for HBP, and one for acid reflex. I have maintained this level for along time, so once I lose the weight I believe I will keep it off.

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