Thanksgiving is coming! And the election just ended! Both have been and are stressful events. Stress is stress, regardless of whether these events produce good feelings or bad feelings.  The election definitely left us feeling different. I could feel it when I went out and I’m sure many of you felt it also. Every exercise class I’ve been to has been packed. People looking for a quick get-away and people burning up some calories in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

So looking forward to Thanksgiving. I’m fortunate in that I do enjoy spending time with my family. No “drama” when it comes to family. I do, however, need to travel to see them. I’ll be on the road with thousands of other people in their cars, I’ll be visiting parents and relatives at various houses (rarely close to each other), and no time for a lot of rest. Certainly, it’ll be a lot of fun. It also can be stressful. So here are 3 things we can do over this coming week to be less tired and feel better prepared for Thanksgiving:


  1. Acknowledge what can potentially “stress us out” up front and plan how to deal with it.  I know I have many people I’d like to see so I put together an agenda of who I will visit and when. This makes everything feel more organized and calm.

  2. Set aside at least 10 minutes a day for “ME.” That means 10 minutes of meditation, reading, or taking a walk. 10 minutes isn’t a lot of time but those 10 minutes can give us a boost in terms of getting rejuvenated.  (And no one will miss us for 10 minutes.)

  3. Let Go of the Food “Shoulds.” There is nothing worse than hearing, over Thanksgiving dinner, various advice on what we should and should not eat. Yes, some of us do have some health related food challenges that we should really try to stay vigilant about i.e. diabetes, gluten. Outside of that, try to enjoy the day. Thanksgiving is only 1 meal and it is truly grounded in gratitude and love. Let go of the “shoulds” and embrace the gratitude and love.

Have a Beautiful and Peaceful Thanksgiving.

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