I recall many mornings, throughout my work career, when I jumped out of bed at 5:30 am, generally feeling like I needed at least 2 more hours of sleep. I had a 50-minute commute ahead of me and no time to lay around. There were those mornings when I didn’t like how I looked in my clothes and had to change clothes 3 or 4 times. Or those days when the laundry hadn’t gotten folded and put away and I spent precious minutes digging through laundry baskets. By the time I got out of the house I was already stressed.

For many, the day just continues in this same manner with unplanned food choices, intense work meetings, unreasonable deadlines, and then a long commute back home followed by cooking, laundry, helping with homework, etc. etc. etc. Finally, we’re dead tired and trying to capture a few hours rest before the cycle begins again.

Rachel was sharing a similar story with me and struggling with when and how she was ever going to integrate self-care into her days. It just didn’t seem to fit for her.

I recently interviewed Dr. Lisa Brent (be sure to watch this interview, click here) who in addition to sharing how, as a naturopath, she helps and works with women, also shared how she integrates Radical Self-Care into her life. Self-Care supports her in being a better mother, wife, and naturopath and enables her to help her clients have vibrant lives.

Radical Self-Care is taking care of yourself in whatever ways work best for you.

I’ve also heard it expressed in this way: “If you’re not taking care of yourself, you are limiting your ability to be of service to your kids, family, coworkers, and friends because your capacity to give to others is directly tied to your ability to give to and nurture yourself. Now, you can get away with not taking care of yourself for awhile, but the result is inevitable: burnout, exhaustion, and everything that goes along with that.”

Here are some of my favorite suggestions for Radical Self-Care.   I’d love to hear yours.
  • A 40 second micro-break viewing flowers or greenery has been proven to improve attention to detail and reduce errors in work.
  • 10 minutes of gardening can dramatically reduce the stress of your workday.
  • Eating a breakfast that includes protein i.e. yogurt, eggs, can help maintain your energy and leave you feeling more balanced throughout the day.
  • Shutting the door and sitting in a quiet room, alone, for 15 minutes can do wonders for stress, mood, and happiness.
  • Setting aside 1 day a month as “Your Day” and filling it with rest, massage, walks, and anything that brings you joy is totally rejuvenating.

Please let me know what you do or what you’d like to be doing. Feel free to comment.

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