As always after watching the Super Bowl there is the question of which commercial was the best.  The consensus says the Super Bowl Babies was the best commercial this year.   It essentially highlighted that when people’s favorite team wins the Super Bowl they are HAPPY and thus conceive at a higher rate. The cool thing was that the commercial featured people who were conceived by happy parents whose teams won the bowl that year.   That Super Bowl Baby theory does make some sense.  People are HAPPY when their team wins the biggest game of the year. So you’re probably wondering if being HAPPY makes us healthier?  Well my response would be ABSOLUTELY!!!

I used to facilitate an outdoor workout group which I named “Monday Nights.”  It was offered on Monday nights and was designed to be a good start to our week and build community through  exercise.  As it was important for me to make the exercises fun and interesting, one day I brought out Hula Hoops.  I even had little ones for our arms.   Most of us hadn’t hula hooped since we were kids.  

We found out a few of things that night 1) how stiff some of us had become,  2) how much cardio it took to keep that hoop up and going, and most of all, 3) how much fun it was.  We were all grown up people with families, jobs, responsibilities and problems, yet laughing uncontrollably like children.  Obviously that hour in the park brought a ton of HAPPY to all involved.   Building HAPPY into your exercise reduces anxiety, stress, creates sustainability and strengthens your heart. It’s a great way to help insure you’ll be around to see your team win the “Big Game.”

Here are some suggestions on how to build HAPPY into your  exercise routine.

  1. Drop the Competition – There is rarely any laughing or fun in a competitive class.  Link up with an instructor and class where people simply go to get a workout and connect  You’ll find that the group is much more free and fun to be around and you’ll be more motivated to attend (unless you really like competition).
  2. Dance – Join a dance class (like Zumba) or go out to dance.  Dancing works a lot of muscles, burns calories, and gets rid of stress.  It’s a wonderful way to add some happiness to our lives.
  3. Do the kid games – Hula hoops, dodgeball, kickball, skip, or hop.  Think about all the games and ways our kids move.  You’ll likely find these games to be fun and challenging as well as get you to work up a sweat.

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