Happy New Year!  How exciting!  It’s a brand new year to do all sorts of brand new things and you know what I hear every year  from people?  “I’m so tired from the holidays!”  

I understand,  however that is a pretty crappy way to start off the New Year.  So here it is, for the next few weeks I’m going to be doing something that I’ve never done before –  I am consciously engaging in something that will be rejuvenating for me, every day for 4 weeks.  By definition,rejuvenation is literally doing something with the purpose of making one feel young, healthy, or energetic.  We all know that this can be a difficult  thing to do given family, work, and community obligations.  Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a good try and focus on it daily for 4 weeks.

Several years ago I was at a party and engaged in a conversation with my husband’s former co-worker, Sharon, who had just retired.  I asked the obligatory question of, “how long did you work at ABC company?”  Sharon replied that she had only worked there for 15 years but she had been working since she was 16 years old.  She had part-time jobs in high school and college and then went into full time employment.  This totaled 42 years of work!  Sharon reminded me that we often forget about just how long we have devoting our time to a company, our families, or studying.  

No wonder we’re so worn out!!

My story isn’t much different.  I packed in 30 hours of work and a full time class schedule in college.  Summers simply meant I could replace school with more work hours.  Upon graduation, I worked full-time “plus” hours because that’s what you did to get promoted.  As time went on, my commutes got longer and my sleep got shorter.  

We are all trying to do so much.  Why not try to add a little extra REJUVENATION time into your week or day?  Here’s some proven ideas that were shared by my Project Sexy You group, which I think can be easy to do and inexpensive.


  • 5 minute breathing exercises – Go in a room, shut the door, set your phone alarm for 5 minutes, sit with your eyes closed and focus on breathing in and breathing out.
  • Foot massages – Many malls now have foot massage businesses.  You can pop in and for 30 minutes and $20-$40, get a foot massage.  
  • Put on some music – Instead of the TV or talk radio, listen to some music.  Try a different music channel than you usually listen to.
  • Take a bath – Warm water, a couple cups of epsom salt and a little oil.  The magnesium in the epsom salt coupled with the right water temperature and some good smelling oils is amazing.
  • Build in an extra 10 minutes – When you’re making that run to the store, mentally add in that it is going to take you 10 minutes longer than usual.  
  • Challenge yourself with a gratitude journal – And don’t keep writing down the same stuff every day.  Challenge yourself to find one new thing each day.  Try it for a month.  

Don’t keep it all to yourself. Please share your rejuvenating activity.

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