As the end of the year nears, like many of you, I’ve been rushing around getting those last minute “preventive” health services completed.  Having a wellness check-up, getting lab results, a mammogram, and a colonoscopy screening (my first).  Yes, I made a list of what I needed, completed the appointments, and then waited for the results…

Waiting for results is stressful.  Whether I focus on it or not, there are thoughts running around in my head that say “What IF  the results aren’t favorable”, “What IF they are inconclusive “, “What IF….”   These are simply not the kind of surprises I like particularly in those areas where I should have some control.  While I was fishing around in my online health data looking for those results, I found a way to exercise some control….

My New Health Care Software!  I recently took advantage of some updated software that my health provider has implemented to track my blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels and other labs, over the past several years.  Actually I’ve been going to this provider for the past 20 years so I had access to 20 years of data.  What that data revealed was extremely surprising!  I was able to see TRENDS.  

  • My cholesterol levels were increasing a few points each year.
  • My blood pressure was outta control when I was getting too little sleep and having too much stress.
  • The results trended UP  generally over several years BUT  trended DOWN when I ate better, got more exercise, and reduced my stress.

The big “AHA” was that I was able to quantify the value of all the “healthy” changes that I had made in my life.  Since these changes can be hard for us to make, it certainly is nice to see them positively impact our health.

So Here’s A Thought…

During this holiday season, give yourself the gift of honest health feedback.  

  • Don’t by OKAY with “Your Numbers Being OKAY.”  Review your data, with your doctor if you’d like, and see if you can identify trends over the past 3 to 5 years.  
    • Are your sugar levels going in the right direction or are you headed towards diabetes?  
    • What about your cholesterol and your heart health?  
  • Pat yourself on the back for the good work you’ve been doing
  • Commit to a few small changes that you can make in the new year.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for us and our families if we could TRY to get ahead of the curve.  

Happy Holidays!  Happy Health!

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