Happy Thanksgiving!  This has got to be one of my favorite holidays.  I appreciate the focus on gathering with family and friends whether it is at our homes, our families’ homes, or in serving those who may not have a home or can use our help making this day special.  I have also seen   Thanksgiving turned into that one day of the year where we blow a whole year of good health choices. Often it’s because Thanksgiving goes from being one day to months of being a little out of control.   And if you happen to have sugar control issues, high cholesterol or poorly managed blood pressure, you could find yourself in a “world of hurt” before next Thanksgiving rolls around.  

But I’m the optimist!  I reflected on what my Thanksgiving week would look like if I was going to enjoy it and maintain my healthy habits.  Here is my list:

Here are the things that I’m going to do during Thanksgiving Week:

  • Watch a bunch of football
  • Eat approximately 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving day (that’s the average.  I’ve counted them which is equivalent to 3 days of food)
  • Enjoy some wine and possibly cocktails
  • Have some pumpkin ice cream – my favorite
  • Stay up way too late
  • Spend too much time sitting in a car traveling to and fro

Now here is how I’m going to broader my Thanksgiving week:  

  • Spend time with wonderful people that I truly care about – that’s a stress reliever
  • Meditate every morning to reinstate calm in my life
  • On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday do 30+  minutes of either walking fast, spin, or jump roping
  • On Thanksgiving morning, after I meditate, attend a Zumba class (more exercise)
  • Sleep in on Friday and Saturday
  • Add an extra serving of vegetables, cut back on meat and starches on every other day

And lastly, I’ve printed this list and stuck it up on my bathroom mirror.  If you don’t have a list yet, and you want keep you weight in check and be rested after this holiday weekend, take a few minutes to adapt mine or create your own.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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