Several weeks ago I had a stomach bug that latest for two weeks.  During that time, the only “food” I could handle was liquid food.  I had juice, coconut water, tea, water, and often mixed it with my organic green powder which is full of veggies, flax seed, and protein.  When I finally got over my nasty stomach bug, I had a new appreciation for juice, particularly in the morning.  Since then I start my day with a juice that I’ve  made using organic fruits and vegetables and always include my green powder for some extra veggies and protein.  What I’ve found, is that I truly appreciate the energy and lightness that I get from a morning juice.  I find it adds some calm to my body while keeping me full until lunchtime.  For me, it’s definitely been worth it.  But it won’t be worth it if we overlook a few critical steps.  If you’re juicing, or thinking about it, you have to do these things.

  • PLEASE use organic fruit and vegetables – The quickest way to get something into our body and organs is to make it a liquid.  If we use NON-organic fruits and vegetables, then we absorb all of those pesticides and GMOs into our system, quickly.  I don’t think that’s what  we have in mind.  Buy organic when you’re juicing.  It’s critical!
  • Pay Attention to the Sugar – Too many fruits, vegetables, or using fruit juice as a base are all ways to blow our daily sugar and calorie limit.  I limit my juice to 1 to 1-1/2 pieces of fruit and a handful of veggies.  Using a base that is low in calories such as water, coconut water, green tea, or unsweetened almond milk gives me lower calories while providing some variety to my routine.  
  • Add Some Protein – If you’ve read my earlier blogs, you’ll remember that I always recommend you balance your carbohydrate with a fat or protein.  Adding a protein to my morning juice helps balance my blood sugar while leaving me filling fuller until it’s time for lunch.  Choose a protein powder such as whey protein or vegetable protein.  And again, remember to choose a powder that is organic and low in calories.  
  • Have fun with your juicing –  Be creative.  Use fruits, vegetables and spices like ginger, cinnamon and tumeric.

I would really like to hear about about your recipes!  Please be sure to share recipes and pictures in the comments area below.

1 comment on “Juicing for Breakfast: Is It Worth It or Just Another Diet Scam

  1. Sylvia, I have been juicing for many years. One recipe that I use is carrot, beet, and yam, this helps when exposed to the sun and adds a layer of protection. Great article!


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