What does a group of women, a spice, and a magazine have in common? These are the 3 of the items in my nutrition team. Over the past couple weeks, I have been talking to many people about their “TEAM.” That is, who are the people and practices that give them the support they need for have a successful wellness plan. Who is actively in support of you? Who helps you get engaged with your life, feel more relaxed, unburdened, energized, and simply just gets you feeling great. After all, isn’t that the goal?

When I didn’t have a TEAM, it was impossible for me to stay focused and committed for a long enough period of time to get the results I wanted. We all know what happens when we get distracted. We go back to crappy old habits that lead to crappy old results and then we end up just feeling crappy. Now, my TEAM is there to maintain momentum, inject creativity, give me some laughs, and become a part of my lifestyle. Although I have different TEAMS, today I’m sharing with you my nutrition team. These are my “go to’s” that keep my nutrition going in the direction I’d like. In a way that gives me energy to workout, keeps my mind clear enough for my business ventures, and gives me the strength to handle all the day to day stressors.

#1: Introducing my monthly cooking group Just a few months ago I started getting together with a group of women who are friends, care about being healthy, care about their food, and overall have a great vibe. We get some healthy food, many times from one of the lady’s personal garden, meet up at someone’s home and start cooking. There is no planned menu, just creativity and flexibility and guess what, I always find out something new. It’s a fun, supportive, and a relaxing get-together.

#2: My Personal Spice Yes I have a personal spice. It was created by the “Spice Whisperer.” Who, by the way, also happens to be a member of my monthly cooking group. My spice is based on what the Spice Whisperer knows about me, my needs, and my personality. I feel pretty special being able to cook with a spice that was created especially for me. What an incentive this has been when I cook my own meals. This definitely keeps my cooking interesting. Look for an interview with the Spice Whisperer in an upcoming blog.

#3: My Favorite Food Magazine – Vegetarian Times Before you discount this because you’re not a vegetarian, know that you can always add some meat or fish to a “vegetarian” recipe. I like this magazine because there are some great recipes and ideas on how to pull together dishes using various grains, vegetables and fruits. Most of our nutrients come from grains, vegetables, and fruits and most people don’t get enough nutrients. So this is a good place to start to boost my nutrient level which leads to boosting my energy, my strength and my abiity to keep doing fabulous things.

If you don’t have a TEAM yet, pull one together. Trust me, you’ll start seeing those results that you’ve been trying to achieve. If you have a TEAM, please share some details.

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