This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day. This day is set aside to remember those who died while serving in our armed forces. For many, this is also the first work holiday since January. That would be 4 long months since we had a break from work. Crazy Huh!

Memorial Day also traditionally carries us into summer and with that comes BBQ. You may also know that my husband is a “Q’er Extraordinaire” (his words). This makes me a self-proclaimed expert on BBQs.

So here are Sylvia’s Top 5 Ways To Maximize the Holiday BBQ Season

1. Be Picky – Remember not all BBQ is good BBQ. And not all food is good food. Only eat the things that you like and are special to you. This will keep your waistline happy and your tummy happy.

2. Enjoy the Company – After all the real reason to have a BBQ is simply to hang out with your friends and family. Take advantage of the time you’ll have to be with others.

3. Keep an eye on your pets – Too much BBQ and sides for your pet will likely upset their stomach. Ever had a pet with stomach problems? Need I say more?

4. Space Out Those Cocktails – 1 cocktail, 2 glasses of water, 1 cocktail, 2 glasses of water. . Get it? You’ll stay hydrated, your food will digest easier, and you’ll feel better the next day.

And before you do any of this, make sure you start with my favorite:

5. Pause and Stretch – Each morning before you get out of bed, stretch your fingers up to the ceiling, stretch your toes toward the end of the bed, take a deep breath, blow it out and SMILE.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

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